Experience less stress and resistance by gaining insight and where your energy is leaking


We are in a transition to a world with sustainable energy.

But more and more people experience a burn-out or depression.


Where is your energy and your teams energy flowing and leaking?

Make an Inner Selfie
and raise your self-knowledge and Emotional intelligence so you:


✔︎   Experience more ‘flow’ and less resistance, pressure and stress.

✔︎   Listen better and learn from feedback.

✔︎   Be the change you want to see (as a leader) and make more thorough decisions.

How we deal with our inner world drives everything

How we live, work, lead and be human

Where is your energy flowing and where is it leaking?
Do you have to spew your bile?
Do you have things on your chest?
Are you still digesting things that happened to you?
What e-motions (you can see this as energy in motion) are not expressed or released yet?
Our language already connects the emotions and organs and the Energy Scan shows it.

Je ontdekt hoe je met stress en emoties van jezelf en van anderen omgaat,
wat jou (onbewust) teveel energie kost en welke patronen jou belemmeren. The Energy Scan helps to discover how you manage and deal with your stress and emotions and the emotions of other people. What is requiring too much of your energy and what unconscious behavioral patterns impact you and why.

You receive or make an ‘Inner Selfie’ report: a picture of your inner world.

Do you want to recover from a burn-out or to prevent a burn-out (of your employees)?

✔︎    You discover what caused or can cause your / a burn-out and change your lifestyle and you recover in a lasting way.
✔︎   Guarantee if you experience new burn-out symptoms after the recovery of your burn-out, you get free help and advice
✔︎   Good value for money (for your employer):
two insurance companies pay minimum 80% of the Burn-out recovery program and the preventative vitality programs where an Inner Dive session and Inner Selfie report is an important module.


Also for teams: Inner Dive & Change

Illuminating and guiding.

The often invisible undercurrent and the possible noise become clear and are transformed into a clear, refreshing and shared direction. In a nice atmosphere.

Experience of Arjen Struijk, Marketing Director Climate Neutral Group

‘‘The insecurity inherent for change processes, which resulted in resiatnce and stress, is accepted and transformed into support and decisiveness.”

Let’s connect and meet

Call the founder of Inner Dive, Mascha:

+31 6 2678 85 65

Mascha wants to help people to be in a great connection with theirselves and with others. She wants to build bridges.

On the pictures above you see Mascha during a very special meeting with an elephant in an elephant shelter in Cambodia. We tuned in and walked towards each other. Happy. Open-minded. Uninhibited. In flow. Mascha likes to meet you in this way as well.

We can also meet via FaceTime or Skype,
via Skype naam: maschavdgraaff
E-mail: mascha@innerdive.nl

If we have met and it feels good for both of us to plan an Inner Dive session we can plan this in Beukenrode or my office in Maarsbergen. Or I can come to your location (or a coaching location in your neighborhood) with my suitcase with the Energy Scan.

Who is Mascha en what made her start-up her company Inner Dive in 2014? Continue reading

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